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CAA has completed hundreds of new homes, house additions, and home renovations. We have also both designed and managed the construction of 14 homes in Greenwich and Stamford. Our design approach starts with the idea that the site dictates much of the design decisions which result in a comprehensive design. Solar Orientation, topography, views, lighting, parking, and context all contribute to a successful design. Our Cognewaugh house abandoned the idea of a house facing forward to a design that oriented the long side south to capture the sun while creating views of a private courtyard enclosed by a stone wall. We encourage clients to include us in the search for land so that we can advise them of the challenges that each presents. When designing house additions we offer several design schemes that satisfy the client's program. Step by step we develop an organic solution to the entire project. The site and house working together in harmony. We always avoid preconceived solutions or ideas.

front view.jpg
view 4 2' overhang.png
FINAL SCHEME+SITE - 6-2-09vjc.jpg
view 10.jpg
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