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On this project, we were confronted with a building site bordered on 2 sides by roads and 2 sides by close neighbors.

A common developer solution to that problem would be to place a typical spec house in the center of the site. Our approach was to position the house in the rear corner of the property leaving the entire South and East sides with large open yards. In effect, with the addition of a privacy fence, the front yards became the rear yards.  This also had the effect of insulating the house from the street traffic The addition of perimeter landscaping will minimize noise as well while maximizing privacy. 

The house itself was designed using and L shape to maximize the perimeter exposure toward the large open courtyard.

The ground floor is essentially an open plan with large 8'-0" high sliding door units and oversized double hung windows to maximize the light entering the house. Nine foot ceilings give the first floor spaces a sense of elegance and openness. The lower level also has nine foot ceilings and can be used for storage, TV room, game room, and utilities. Walk-up attic space is also provided also for easy access.

Site plan of a modern farmhouse residential project on a corner lot
Facade, light gray siding and dark gray shingles, black window frames
Floorplans modern farmhouse style home. Architectural services in CT and NY
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